Paleoclimatology / Stable Isotope Geochemistry / Dendrochronology

I am an Assistant Professor in the Geography Department at the University of Nevada, Reno.

I am a physical geographer who specializes in environmental change over both geologic and human time scales. I use tools such as stable isotope geochemistry and dendrochronology to reconstruct past climates. By looking at the stable isotope ratios of tree-rings not only can I look at past climate but I can also investigate the physiologic responses of trees to climate in order to answer important ecologic and paleoecological questions.

Because both isotope geochemistry and dendrochronology are tools with a wide array of applications I have had the fortune to work on a diverse array of projects from the application of stable isotope dendrochronology to sub-fossil wood in order to reconstruct Pliocene climates in the Canadian Arctic to provenance studies of historic timbers from Bermuda.?In addition to these projects I and my lab group have ongoing projects looking at the role of cool season temperature change on streamflow in Colorado, Storm track shifts in Washington, insect induced tree mortality in Alaska and Wyoming, the changing response of trees to drought in the Great Basin and the role of temperature in the Great Basin during the mid-Holocene dry period.?